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Introduce a paperless office and streamline processing of all types of documents

Essjay Copier Pvt Ltd (ECPL) established in 1991 (Since 31 Years) , A Leading IT & Document company in India has developed scanNplus DMS with an intension of providing high quality solution to small, medium and large organization at affordable cost. We have huge experience in sales, service and support in office automation and documentation at the same time we are promoting save green too. We understand the office requirement of handling the documents in easily and affordable way. So we build application that have more features. This application easily connects with your other business solutions. Additionally, we have customized the applications to suit your specific needs.

ScanNplus is a web based software and complete office automation system that enables the users to automate all the business processes with absolute ease. No matter how complicated a task is, with ScanNplus you can handle it smoothly, within a short period of time. It's a software that has been designed to create, store, collect, convey and manipulate different types of office information for handling basic business processes. Right from electronic transfer and raw data storage to managing the electronic business information, one can handle all the business processes using ScaNplus.

ScanNplus deliver some of the most diverse feature sets in the industry through simple and easy-to-use interfaces. They are built on an open platform architecture, which allows easy integration with third-party applications. Deploying our solutions reduces your costs and drives efficiencies, leaving you and your end users satisfied. The applications are designed to suit the needs of companies of all sizes - from small businesses to large global enterprises.

Increasing Employee Productivity & Time Management with a ScanNplus DMS

ScanNplusDMS helps you to ensure and get complete control over your digital assets.

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ScanNplus simplifies administration, It takes away from the hassle of tracking documents when multiple parties are involved. Gone are the days of a document lost on a desk, waiting to be signed.

Smart & Affordable DMS Workflow.

An organization that deals with any form of paperwork needs a system to manage it. We introducing ScanNplus DMS workflow, which ensure a smooth functioning of your business with higher security at affordable cost. There is an approval process and lifecycle for each document that flows through this channel.

ScanNplus process benefit your organization in countless ways. When documents are managed electronically and workflows are visible at every step to the people involved in them, work is faster and more efficiently. Even more this system dramatically simplifies document tracking and takes away the hassle of documents management when multiple employees from different departments are involved in work on the same documents. Ability to streamline all your office documents and can-do wonders for your business. Having the right information at the right time will allow your employees to do their jobs efficiently, thereby providing you a competitive advantage over your competitors who are still stuck with old filing systems.

It’s time to abandon paper documents and start thinking from a digital perspective. Not only does it save

Elements of a ScanNplus DMS Workflow.

Understanding the workflow of a document is the first step in business process automation. The exact function will depend on your industry, type of document, and any regulations that may apply. ScanNplus workflow contains a few simple steps:

Creation, modification, and archiving of a new document. Versioning of documents. Sharing documents and collaborating. Creation of reporting. Incorporation of search capability.

ScanNplus help you embrace optimization of the processes that power your business. It is enabled centralized document creation as well as management of document modification, sharing, searching, tracking and store important documents real-time, while drastically reducing the use of paper. IT is typically performed with an intelligent software system that acts as a document repository. Moreover this software can use for document discussions and versioning, allow authorized access and collaboration, and even manage data with configurable web forms. These systems commonly provide a workflow process for tasks like: Versioning, Storage, Security, Indexing, Retrieval, Metadata.

document management workflow

Mobile Readiness: Anywhere Anytime

ScanNplus Android and iOS application enables users to access the advanced features of the software while on the go. Users can perform all the major actions using the mobile application.

This application is equipped with file and folder functionality which enables the users to keep all the documents in a central repository. This is a feature rich application and the users can access the different features like version history and preview through this application. It also allows the users to download the files in the offline mode. This means the users can access the files and download those even when there is no internet connection.

The main objective of developing mobile application of this state of the art office automation software is to make it accessible for all the users. In the present era, people across the globe tend to spend a lot of time on their mobile devices and this is why the mobile application of ScanNplus has been designed for both android and iOS platform.

Scannplus DMS: Features

Document Security

One of the best features of scanNplus is that it ensures improved security to all the documents, stored in it. With a three−tier security model − folder level, user level and file level − all your vital business information are absolutely safe in a DMS like scanNplus.

Document Upload

Your users can choose from multiple options to upload the documents in ScanNplus.

Single file upload: Users can upload single files using the upload interface provided in ScanNplus

Bulk upload: ScanNplus provides an option for uploading large number of files at a time

Document Formats

SanNplus supports all the major file formats like Microsoft Office files, Open office files, image formats, PDF, AutoCAD drawing formats and many others. You can upload, view and use other features of ScanNplus DMS for all the supported formats.

Version Control & Document Update

ScanNplus maintains version control by default. You can customize the version numbers as per your requirements. Users desiring to update a document can check-out the document. A checked-out document can be viewed by other users. The user who has checked-out the document uploads an updated document. The version number is updated for the document. The older version and newer version are both available on ScanNplus DMS. The check-in/check-out feature avoids accidental overwriting of documents.

Document Folders

Documents in ScanNplus DMS are stored in folders. You can create your own folder hierarchy as per your organisations requirements. ScanNplus provides many properties that you can apply to each folder to suit your requirements.

Document Viewer

ScanNplus document viewer allows you to view the documents online, so that you can view the contents of the document easily. You can add/delete stamp, notation and sticky notes in document viewer. The viewer has easy navigation features apart from zoom-in/zoom-out, rotation, index-information, linked documents etc. ScanNplus viewer supports all types of commonly used document formats.


By enabling sharing and information collaboration through shared folders, threaded discussions, and e-mail, scanNplus enables enterprise users to efficiently distribute the kind of information needed to solve problems and make decisions.

Annotation allows users to highlight text and sections within the document. Users can give their comments on the highlighted sections which are visible to other users. Other users can also highlight and comment. All comments are stored in ScanNplus so that you get a complete view of the discussions had between the team members related to the document.

Document Indexing

Document Indexing is the process of tagging or associating 'search' terms to documents. indexing makes the document 'searchable’. The purpose of indexing is to facilitate subsequent search and retrieval of a document. Our automated and customizable indexing future allow to quick and perfect indexing easily. You can use these indexes for searching the documents quickly.

Workflow Management

ScanNplus DMS has a completely configurable workflow management module. You can design your business process workflows using the workflow configurator. Create your own data-entry fields and incorporate business rules based on which the document flows through the various activities in the business process. ScanNplus gives you complete visibility of the business processes, allows you to monitor and take corrective action to resolve any bottlenecks in real-time.

Document Audit Logs

ScanNplus maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all of actions and changes that take place on the files in ScanNplus DMS. A detailed log for every document can track all events that have taken place throughout the lifecycle of the document. You can get the audit trail for a particular period, folder, document, user etc. Audit logs are important to keep a tab on all the activities happening in ScanNplus.

Search & Retrieval

scanNplus is a feature-rich software that has been designed keeping the varied usage in mind. Advanced search or smart search is a feature that enables the users to find a particular document in no time. One can simply create different search strings, in order to narrow down the search process while looking for a specific document.

Wide Web Access

When you store documents in scanNplus, you can access these from different sources − be it your home, or office, you can easily access all these documents. In fact, you can also access these documents from remote locations.

Scannplus DMS: Benefits of Paperless Office

go green with scanNplus dms

ScanNplus document management software brings Top benefits to your organization and helps you and your organization become a big success.

go green

Reduces carbon footprint

One of the most powerful benefits of having a paperless environment is that it can help not just the environment but also the operation at the same time. Having a green-minded worker and entrepreneur is that they may at times feel compelled to take their current filing cabinets, convert them into a proper digital system so that the earth is a better place to live in. Paperless offices will always help in preserving wildlife, reducing pollution, reducing the reliance upon the waste that is created by documents over businesses. Apart from preserving trees, when you are working in a paperless office it will be much easier to get hold of documents. Not just that, it will also lower the chances of losing, misplacing the documents that contain confidential information.

Access to documents from everywhere

There are several users who can get hold of a document at the same go, making it much less of a hassle for the scramble of such documents under time constraints. There are several businesses that share such documents along with other enterprises with the help of secure emails or even protected network. This will help you save cash, boost more productivity and make it more possible to boost chances for companies.

Very easy to store

When you have a digital document management system, all the documents shall come into the office and you can immediately scan the ones that have been stored electronically and make it much faster and easy to send all of them electronically to people who really need it. If you go paperless today, you will be able to store literally everything without having to waste too much paper.

Automatic audit

Strict audit rules and guidelines need to store and record for several years. When you have the benefit of using a digital document management system, there shall be no limits to kind of documents you are storing, and all documents shall have a unique number that will generate the audit trail automatically. This will also give you the ability to make all changes to the documents and still will keep the original with the audit guidelines and compliance.

Saves up time

It is no longer needed to waste any time looking at such documents. The thing with document searches is that they can be done fast and easy and will give you result fast. All such documents which are stored in the same way, in an organized fashion are also easy to retrieve at the same time!


The thing with digital document management is that it will let you create such security settings and will also give all its authorized users the right and ability to check and see the same documents. This makes things easy when you have more than one user who wants to access the same kind of document or in cases where the company wants to use several sites. When they order goods and authorize the invoices, it proves to become beneficial especially because they are done digitally.

Development of business

When times are saved, most executives can spend their time in a more productive and beneficial manner. Not just that, it helps in developing the business in the right and most effective way. Recently a survey conducted mentioned that directors and most business managers would end up spending the time that they spend on business development and not anything else.

Enhanced Security

Document security is vital to many enterprises. SCANNPLUS DMS provides better control over sensitive documents. Access to documents can be controlled at the folder level for different groups or individuals. Also, a SCANNPLUS leaves an audit trail of who has viewed a document, when it was accessed, and how it may have been modified. Managed documents are highly traceable and can be tagged to allow for automated alerts.

Saves Money

Going digital improves process efficiency, saving you money. Paperless offices can process a much larger volume of paperwork compared to traditional offices in the same amount of time. Further, digitization reduces money spent on paper, printers, ink, postage, office space for files and employee time to manage paperwork. The savings on employee time become especially valuable regarding regulatory audits and repetitive, high-volume tasks like expense reimbursements.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Compliance requirements for certain documents can be quite complex. Non-conformance can lead to fines, revoked licenses, and in some cases criminal liability. SCANNPLUS DMS reduces the risk of non-compliance. Records retention schedules, for example, can be automated, and new documents can be more easily classified and stored.

Easier Retrieval

Searching for and retrieving documents can be very time consuming - and we all know time is money. In fact, American PWC published these statistics illustrating the costs related to the average time spent managing paper documents costs 10 minutes to file a document, 30 min to 1hour to find a misfiled document, and more than I hour to reproduce a lost document. SCANNPLUS DMS systems will help you to retrieve the documents quickly and prevent to lost of document while reproduction.

Better Collaboration

With SCANNPLUS, information sharing and collaboration can be a lot easier. Documents captured from different sources can be accessed from multiple locations. Electronic imaging makes sharing documents over a network via email or the Internet possible. DMS provides greater visibility to business processes and can allow for better workflow monitoring. Authorized access by external users can be allowed and monitored. DMS also offers Version Control which allows for older versions of the same document to be recovered if needed. This feature is important if several parties work on the same document and there are changes made to a document that were not authorized or meant to happen.

Better Backup and Disaster Recovery

Any document management solution should include a data backup and disaster recovery plan. With digital archiving as a backup, paper documents are protected from fire and flood and other disasters. With a SCANNPLUS, documents are highly traceable and can be tracked within a range of criteria. Also, because imaged documents are centrally stored they cannot be lost or misplaced after viewing. Documents are less likely to be misfiled, and if so they are easier to locate with cross-indexing. Documents can be digitized and archived at their point of entry into the system.

ScanNplus document management system is an evolving and customizable solution ideal for your organisation’s document management process. You can use ScanNplus DMS to enhance business processes at every level of the company. The system offers a layer of robust security and is perhaps the safest way of storing and managing documents and files.

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ScanNplus DMS: Featured Products


Golden Document Management & Workflow Solution that replaces paper-based processes with electronic procedures that increases efficiency and reduce costs.

Fully loaded and Powerful Document Management Software, Easy to Use at affordable price efficient solution with all futures. For Large Size offices and Corporates.


An affordable and easy to use, quick to deploy, and powerful solution for small businesses to start a paper-less office.

A feature rich Document Management System Software that is affordable, easy to use, quick to deploy, and powerful solution for Small & Medium Businesses.


Golden Edition

Silver Edition

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Document Classification dms dms
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Document Folders document management solution dms
List of Values for Indexing dms dms
Advanced Search dms feature dms feature
Document Sharing dms feature dms feature
Document Access History dms feature dms feature
Detailed Audit Logs dms feature dms feature
Document Version Control dms feature dms feature
Document Expiration & Notifications dms feature dms feature
Device Independent - Supports all PC, Mac, Smartphones, and Tablets dms feature dms feature
Document Expiry & Notifications dms feature dms feature
Fully Responsive Web Design dms feature dms feature
Drag & Drop Document Upload and Importing dms feature dms feature
Document Viewer and Thumbnail View dms feature dms feature
File Preview, Mark-up & Annotations dms feature dms feature
Email Documents as attachment dms feature dms feature
Email Documents as link dms feature dms feature
Integrated Document Printing with Annotations dms feature dms feature
Export Results in Excel & PDF Format dms feature dms feature
Personalized User profiles with profile image dms feature dms feature
Unique Indexes and Default Index Values dms feature dms feature
Download Documents in Original format or PDF format dms feature dms feature
Indian and International Language Support dms feature dms feature
Full Text Document Content Search dms feature dms feature
OCR Engine for Image Content Search dms feature dms feature
Bulk Upload – Documents & Index dms feature dms feature
Document Linking dms feature dms feature
OCR Engine for Image Content Search dms feature dms feature
Document Management Web Services APIs dms feature dms feature
Multi Factor Authentication dms feature dms feature
Expiry Notification to External Users dms feature dms feature
Manipulate PDF Online dms feature dms feature
Documents Version Control dms feature dms feature
Document Request Links dms feature dms feature
Document Request Links dms feature dms feature
Email Notification on Document Upload dms feature dms feature
Events Calendar dms feature dms feature
Microsoft and Open Office Document Viewing Support dms feature dms feature
Static Lists for Indexes dms feature dms feature
Document Approval Workflow dms feature dms feature
Automated Workflow Notifications dms feature dms feature
Document Assigned/Approval Live Tracking dms feature dms feature
Document Assigned/Approval Pichart Representation dms feature dms feature

Transition to a digitization with our document scanning services and workflow management system. We’ve successfully guided hundreds of organisations to work in a paperless office environment and save paper.

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  • Faster document production: Regardless of how fast a person can type or how skilled they are with office software, creating documents will take time. ScanNplus DMS reduces the amount of time invested in the creation of each document by creating a more efficient workflow pathway for your employees to follow.
  • Faster document distribution: Under normal circumstances, the difficulty of sharing documents can range from a slight nuisance to a major disruptor of your business. If, for example, a document needs to be distributed to key personnel for approval or editing, but those persons are unavailable, then you will have to indefinitely halt the process. ScanNplus DMS makes it possible to distribute documents to anywhere in the world within seconds.
  • Less redundancy: Unless you're an accountant, double-entry probably isn't necessary. However, there are activities in your company's workflows that include unnecessary redundancies. In many cases, such waste can continue unnoticed for years. ScanNplus DMS allows you to quickly identify and eliminate any unnecessary redundancies that your company faces.
  • Fewer document-related mishaps: The accidental destruction of a vital document could be catastrophic for your company; improper sharing could be even worse. Unfortunately, your employees are people, so these happenings are possible. When something like this does happen, your negative employee productivity becomes more costly than ever. By implementing ScanmNplus DMS, you are protecting your business from document-related mishaps like the ones mentioned above. This is because a good system actively protects critical documents from destruction and manages document access.
  • Less time spent searching for documents: Sifting through files is one of the most wasteful tasks your employees undergo. Searching for a single document can take hours in some cases. ScanNplus DMS indexes documents and makes them as easily to find as information on Google, completely resolving this problem.


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ScanNplus DMS: Document Management System's Advantages

document management system

Save Manpower

document management system

Reduce the Cost

document management system

Easy Maintenance & Access

document management solution

Reduce Storage

document management system

Improve Disaster Recovery

document management system

Secured Documents

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Document scanning is the practice of using scanners to convert paper documents into digital images. More businesses are scanning documents as a way to cut costs, increase productivity and improve access to their information.


There are several reasons you should scan your documents:

Cost savings: Storing and managing paper documents is expensive, especially if you rely on file cabinets for document storage and retrieval. A standard four drawer file cabinet requires approximately eight cubic feet of floor space, which can represent a significant portion of your office lease costs. In addition to that, you need to factor in the cost of your time to find and retrieve your documents. Document scanning allows you to store and retrieve your documents online. This reduces your storage costs and provides greater work efficiency.

Information sharing: Paper-based systems are inherently inefficient. Documents need to be printed or photocopied so several people can view them at the same time. Document scanning enables your information to be shared digitally for enhanced employee collaboration and improved customer response times.

Environmental stewardship: Document scanning benefits both your business and the environment. By converting your hard copy records to digital images, you use less paper and toxic printer ink and reduce mailing processes that increase your carbon footprint.



Collection of documents for scanning for most projects is our own transport and staff. The collection is usually done with existing archive boxes, or archive boxes that we provide. Every box is labelled with a unique job and box number. The labels are kept anonymous for security reasons. We offer a FREE collection service via our secure tracked vehicles by our own staffs.


Often clients can provide us with a list of files from, for example, their HR management system. We can use this data to generate a barcode for each file. Each barcode is then placed with each file. This then keeps the files traceable; we will know what box each file is in. Each file is now a unique record in our database. This data is then used later in the process to run a 100% File Present Verification Process.


Before documents are scanned, all the staples, paper clips and bindings need to be removed. . Pages are straightened, aligned, rotated and gathered up into batches ready for the scanner. This is a very manual process and is often combined with inserting the barcodes.


The documents are now ready for scanning. We have several scanners, mainly Kodak / Fujitsu scanners ensuring highest quality images are captured. We generally use midrange document scanners. This gives us a chance to constantly monitor the quality of the output and deal with any paper jams and multi-feeds. Our operators watch every document through the scanner meaning a real time quality control process is always in effect.


Here our software systems will search for barcodes and each time the software finds a valid barcode on a scanned document, it will split the scanned file, and name the file with the barcode number. The barcode number is usually the unique record ID from our database.


The index is usually complete at this point. The barcode is linked back to the database, so we know exactly what the file is. Some projects where data is not provided in advance can be indexed from the scanned document and the database entry made at this point.


During the scanning process our operators constantly monitor the images that are being created. Our midrange scanners provide enough time for this process. Random statistical quality controls are also in place to check batches of documents, in the event of a failure, batches being rescanned.


Here we can now run queries on the scanned files that have been created and relate this data back to the original index information that was provided. Discrepancies are investigated and reported.


Most of the work that we return is PDF these days. A PDF can contain searchable OCR text, which can be searched upon, or extracted and used within a Document Management System. This is the process that OCR processes the raw scanned files and creates a searchable PDF, or a separate text file in the case of files that cannot contain text, such as TIFF or JPEG scanned files.


Every project if different. Some require a scanned document to be returned in a Windows folder structure, some will require a separate index file, such as a CSV, Excel, Access database. At this point our processes are designed for the clients specific requirements, the scanned file format, TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, and the formatting of the file names and index formats are produced at this point.


Scanned images are delivered back to you on a HDD or uploaded into either our own cloud hosted system or into your own database / EDM. Alternatively, “ScanNplus" our document management system lets you scan documents straight into our system from your site or office.


Secure shredding of documents There are 2 options after scanning:

Once you are happy you need your paperwork is Securely deliver the documents back to you.
Securely store the documents in a purpose build warehouse. Securely shredded, pulped and recycled.
A certificate of destruction is then issued.

Document Storage. Document Shredding. Document Scanners.

Scanning documents


Secure Document storage and records management services provide the convenience, accessibility and security that is not always easy to achieve in-house. Our professional document storage and management services will give you total peace of mind while saving you time, space and money.

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Scanning documents


We provides On-site & off-site Shredding Services in Mumbai-India. The documents and reports are shredded in presence of client so it ensures the security and confidentiality of the whole process. With their effective shredding services and customer satisfaction.

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Scanning documents


We are reseller of high speed document scanners in India and document imaging products like duplex document scanners. We represent leading brands in the market like Canon Scanners, Kodak Scanners, Fujitsu Scanners, Epson Scanners.

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We are Certified with ISO 27001-2013 Compliances. Information technology—Security techniques—Information security management systems

Essjay multicultural INDIAN Company: Essjay is a Service oriented company established in 1991 and incorporated in 2006, Essjay a pioneer and leader in information technology industry. plays an active position in printing and IT industry in India. Located Mumbai, financial capital of India. We committed to maintain the quality and quantity. We have registered with ISO certifications and maintain the policies of ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, 27001:2013. Our financial strength and operating performance are “HIGH” as per the rating issued by the CRISIL.

We believe in after Sales Service, delivering positive customer care experience is a core value. We have 31 years of experience in providing customer service that can improve your productivity and efficiency. Knowledgeable and experience professionals' team and bunch of trained and qualified engineers are ready to provide the best and quick service support to our customers around the clock. We maintain outstanding levels of support and customer satisfaction through our assisted-help resources. Our growth is because of repeated orders from our existing clients which are rewards for us.

Our Quality Means Customer Satisfaction achieved by constantly providing reliable, optimized, cost and time effective solutions. We have proved that by winning ‘Excellent customer service and support award’ 2018 and India’s fast-growing company awards, 2018, respectively. Our association with leading OEM is ensure to deliver the best products along with our world class service and solutions, that add value for our clients and guarantee customer satisfaction.

We Specialist in Document scanning, document digitization and document management. Over 31 years and 12000 man-hour experience in document scanning services, we committed perfection and security to our customers. We have developed our own document management software, workflow system called ScanNplus DMS, which is well know in market and certified by many corporates users. Our aim to developing the ScanNplus DMS is to provide best and affordable management systems in Indian industries.

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